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Suzanne is an absolute delight to do business with

She always returns the work before she is asked and the quality is nowhere short of perfect. She brings every script to life with little to no coaching. She takes the time to do it right the first time, Suzanne is a VO all-star!"

~Maria V.

Industrial Designer

Happy clients


Suzanne was my first choice

~ Caprece C.

Marketing Director 

She proved to be the perfect match for what we were looking for.  Her cheerful enthusiastic way of presenting information was a perfect fit for our message. She took our script and "put it to life" in no time.  Her easy going demeanor made her a real pleasure to work with." 


 Hi, I'M Suzanne


I see you! You've got everything ready for your e-learning module - your storyboard, graphics, colors and logo and of course, the script. All that's left now is to find someone who can deliver that script in a friendly but knowledgeable manner, in wave form. Or was it mp3? 


Then, if that super-star could just upload those finished files to the company Dropbox.  Or was it Google Drive? Or Transferwise - whatever - but your deadline was YESTERDAY!  And...if you could get someone to add music to that? Spectacular!

<insert calm, melodic piano music>

Relax, I got you. Your files, split and delivered BEFORE deadline in your preferred format and delivery system. From my home studio - so it's fast, broadcast quality, and ready to go!  I'm also happy to provide some script suggestions, editing or even mixing. No problem.

Before I had any idea that voice over would be my life, I took countless drama, speech and communication classes in both high school and college. Officially, I started the "mic-life" when I accidentally fell into radio in 2005. At the time, it paid for beer. Fourteen years  later, I left radio with crazy-good people, mic and production skills.

I learned early on that corporations - even corporate radio - aren't known for being FUN. I mean, sure, free donuts in the break room. Or cake because it's Karen in Accounting's birthday. Or even gossiping around the office Keurig. But no inappropriate jokes. No horse laughing. And NO purple hair or tatts! I had to get out. I wasn't made for that but I appreciate folks in those professions. I get you.

In addition, I promise to do my best to make you smile at least once during our interaction. Bonus points if you horse-laugh. Life's too short and work's too hard NOT to laugh and have fun - even with deadlines.   


Vocal Qualities & Voice Roles

  • Unique   

  • Serious but smiling

  • Tough

  • Folksy

  • Hip

  • Sassy

  • Smart

  • Leader

  • Grounded

  • Social worker 

  • Friend

  • Mom

  • Organized

  • Happy

  • Honest

  • Strong

  • Fresh

  • Bright

  • Girl next door

  • Great tone and energy

  • Cool aunt

  • Fun

  • Teacher

  • Cool

  • Relatable 

  • Tough Cop 

  • Young

  • Real

  • Sincere

  • Confident

  • Energetic

  • Friendly

  • Warm

  • Sweet tea and Honeysuckle

  • Enticing

  • Dangerous

  • Sexy

  • Perky

  • Smooth

  Suzanne does a great job on voice overs  

She has an amazing turnaround time and is super-easy to work with. Plus her rates are reasonable and that makes our clients happy, too!"

~ Holly S.

Creative Director


Let's Do This!


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* 2017 Radio Mercury Award Finalist

* 2019 Alabama Broadcasters Associations: Best Morning Show

* 2018 Alabama Broadcasters Associations: Best Commercial

* 2018 Alabama Broadcasters Associations: Best Morning Show

* 2017 Alabama Broadcasters Associations: Best Morning Show

* 2016 Alabama Broadcasters Associations: Best Morning Show


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