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Just for the Freebie

I did a thing.

I'm not proud of this but I can't be the only one. Have you ever "friended" someone - in real life or online - for some something they were giving away?

I followed another on the promise of some info I wanted. Subscribing was the only way to get it. So I did - because I wanted it.

Now I have it and I love it and have adapted it to better suit my needs but now I have a conundrum.

You remember where I said I hate blogs? Well, I don't HATE this one but it tends to be too...I dunno....ramble-y and long and not something I relate to. And I know the simple thing is to just unsubscribe. But that seems mean and I'm not a mean person. Y'all,  just wanted the dang list! 🤣

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