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Let's make magic
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Sweet, chat soon!


Suzanne Wynn VO is represented by TAG
Suzanne Wynn Voice Over Artist is represented by Impressive Talent Agency

I will never mess with sub-par AI software ever again. This was great! Suzanne will get all of my female voice over work moving forward.

Wanna know what other people think?


Fun and sassy redhead character image
Ready to dial up your brand's charm and make your message sparkle? Me too! Let me bring your words to life with my 100% real human voice in a way that's well, uniquely, me.

Hey, I'm Suzanne...

And with over 15 years of radio experience, I know a thing or two about how to captivate an audience. If you’re worried about that dreaded "radio voice" cliché, don’t be. I kicked that to the curb long ago. (Don't worry, though – if you need a splash of that classic radio flair, <fur> mama’s still got it.)


But what really sets me apart from the crowd?

I’m not just a voice artist – you could say I’m your one-stop shop for all things advertising. 
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  • Need a killer script? I’ve got excellent copywriting chops (and awards to prove ‘em!)

  • Want a catchy, groove-worthy audio commercial? I can do that too!

  • In fact, one of my clients calls me “a one-woman audio- wrecking crew!

  • Deadlines? Child's play. I’m a pro at diving headfirst into my work and emerging victorious. Delivering the results that'll make you shine!


Speaking of shining, let's talk shop. 


Errrrrr …studio. 


I’ve got a fully decked-out, broadcast-ready home studio that's practically drool-worthy. And it’s armed with the best equipment and software, to ensure your project sounds as crisp and professional as it gets.


If your fave people are sassy and funny but still responsible and utterly remarkable, I’m quite possibly the voice artist you’ve been looking for. Let me give your brand the voice it deserves. Together, we’ll turn heads, make 'em laugh, and watch your message shine brighter than ever. I’m ready to work my magic. Are you?

Oh! In addition and this is key:

I promise to do my best to make you smile at least once during our time together.

(Trust me, I'm a riot!)

 Bonus points if you horse-laugh.

But more importantly, you'll get a seasoned pro who takes her craft seriously. 

Life's too short and work's too hard for anything less.



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