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Suzanne is a Voiceover rock star!

"She always returns the work before asked and the quality is perfect.

She brings every script to life with little to no coaching and takes the time

to do it right the first time. Suzanne is a delight to do business with!"

~ Maria, V. Industrial Designer

Image by J Lee
Female Voice Over Talent

 Hey, I'm Suzanne 

And I have over 16 years of experience behind the mic. My career actually began in radio which gave me lots of fun and weird perks (free beach trips anyone?) but also a healthy dose of not wanting to work for someone else. 🤓

In a 14 year career, I won some awards and generally became known as being pretty funny and quite the

smart 🍑.  Which I am.  


But I'm also a damn good human, voiceover artist and commercial producer. I got the opportunity to back up the latter in 2017 when a spot I produced became a Radio Mercury award finalist. 

That's kind of a big deal.

I still love producing commercials and will totally help you with one but now it's the voicing of commercials that have me hooked. There's not much better than a great script to play with! (On the flip, few things are as bad as a rotten script!)

So, let's do this. Let me tell your brand story,  train your people and perhaps most importantly, sell your products.

From my home studio - so it's fast, clear, free of weird noises and ready to go!  I'm also happy to provide some script suggestions, editing or even mixing. No problem.

In addition, I promise to do my best to make you smile at least once during our interaction. Bonus points if you horse-laugh. Life's too short and work's too hard for anything less.   


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